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One of EXCELEM's main objectives is to develop the community of knowledge with in the region and to help to build ties between the academic experts on the EU and the wider community of those interacting with the EU such as, civil society actors, business people, government officials and the media. Due to that, this page will share with you all the seminars, lectures, publications, researches, academic meetings, etc. that the center will hold and provide.


On April 30th 2019 the Simon Veil Centre for Contemporary European Studies hosted as a part of the EXCELEM online Seminars Dr. Agnes Akkerman from Radboud University.
Dr. Akkerman lectured on "A-Typical and Precarious Work in the EU: Prevalence, Causes and Consequences". It was a very fruitful and interesting seminar which brought us a rare opportunity to understand our changing world and to compare our countries and regions. 

On May 20th 2019 the Simon Veil Centre for Contemporary European Studies was glad to host Dr. Mithcell Young as a part of the EXCELEM online Seminars.

Dr. Young co-research and writing with Dr. Pauline Ravinet "Seek to understand how knowledge can be exploited externally. In other words, is there evidence of a ‘Knowledge Power Europe’? In the EU’s 2016 global strategy, the importance of acting on both values and interests is a central theme. Knowledge Power Europe would use science diplomacy to promote core values and interests."

Dr. Young's lecture dealt with the topic of his joint research - and it was fascinating. We were also glad with the great discussion following the lecture.

As part of EXCELEM Online Seminars, members of the Simon Veil Centre for Contemporary European Studies participated in The Annual Conference of the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration, in partnership with RECONNECT, Horizon 2020 project.

During the conference, which was broadcasted to students in Piraeus University in Greece, we heard fascinating talks, commencing with Prof. Sharon Pardo who introduced his research titled: "Israeli Celebrity Diplomats: Fame in Contemporary Israeli-European Affairs".
Following that, Mr Ido Rosenblum presented his thought-provoking research- "Culinary Diplomacy- A theoretical Inquiry: The Case of Israeli Chefs in Berlin and London". Last but not least, Mr Tal Hasdai-Rippa familiarized us with his exciting research- "Europe Day, a View from Outside - Conceptualizing the New European Soft Power in Georgia and Ukraine".

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